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13.3: The Kessel Riots | by Sʈicker
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13.3: The Kessel Riots

Log of CT-7127:


Those caves were absolute mayhem. Those spiders were everywhere. They scared the sheb out of Lucky. Dixie liked to jump on their dead bodies. As soon as we got out of the cave we finally got a signal from command. Our objective was to wait for a gunship doing a supply run that was carrying AT-RT's. As the gunship was headed toward our location when a commando droid shot a rocket and destroyed it. The three of us chased after the commando droid that shot it down. We found out it was with about seven more and two escaped convicts. As they were running one of the convicts fell. I radioed in a gunship and had Lucky go with the prisoner. We blasted five of those fierfeks and two of them tried to run with a Trandoshian convict wearing clone armor. The battle droids tried to distract us while the Trando tried running to the ship. Dixie shot him in the leg even though our orders were not to harm him and bring him back alive. We killed the commando droids and I stunned the prisoner. So I guess our mission was a success.


:Log End



Not my best, I know. This was rushed since I start school on Thursday :c I had no pieces to build an AT-RT. So please excuse me if this isn't up to par with other 457th builds.

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Taken on September 3, 2012