grbl meets lasersaur

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Initially we wanted to write our own firmware from scratch for an ARM Cortex M3. Then we started playing with some open source AVR firmwares. Man, these 8-bit hackers have done some impressive work. Some of them even run on an old Atmega168 Arduino.

We tested FiveD_on_Arduino and grbl (acceleration branch) and also looked through the source code of Hydra-MMM and RepRap FiveD. The grbl coding style is by far the easiest to understand and FiveD_on_Arduino seemed to have some interesting acceleration code. In the end we only got grbl to perform smoothly (after updating to the super cutting edge code of Feb 3).

These are the settings we use for grbl:

$0 = 32.808 (steps/mm x)
$1 = 32.808 (steps/mm y)
$2 = 32.808 (steps/mm z)
$3 = 30 (microseconds step pulse)
$4 = 20000.0 (mm/min default feed rate)
$5 = 40000.0 (mm/min default seek rate)
$6 = 0.100 (mm/arc segment)
$7 = 0 (step port invert mask. binary = 0)
$8 = 2000.0 (acceleration in mm/sec^2)
$9 = 25.0 (max instant cornering speed change in delta mm/min)

We also cranked up this to 80:

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  1. paulszym 51 months ago | reply

    Lookin' good!

  2. svale 51 months ago | reply

    Nice to se Grbl performing in the wild!

  3. jmil 51 months ago | reply

    ummmmm, yes this is amazingness. well done!

  4. mandiberg 51 months ago | reply

    I don't know what any of that means, but I'm excited that you do and I am excited to see that you are one step closer to burning stuff with lazzzors!

  5. ccotter247 51 months ago | reply

    Will the final machine have end-stops to protect the drive mechanisms? Beacuse on bigger cuts the gantry could rip itself apart and when it is the aim of a 100 watt CO2 laser that could be bad.

  6. stfnix 51 months ago | reply

    just uploaded some renderings of the end-stops ...

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