Ludlow Tempo Specimens
While doing research for Fonts In Use I often run across typefaces in the style of Futura that were common in the US from about 1930–1965, but are mostly unknown today because they have not been fully released in digital format.

These typefaces include Spartan, Twentieth Century, Vogue, and Tempo, which is set apart from the others by its unusual italics with flat tails and swash caps.

Samples of Tempo on the web are scarce, so to help remedy that here are the related pages from the most comprehensive Ludlow specimen book I know, “Ludlow Typefaces”, Edition D, as found on the Internet Archive. Thank you, Dr. David M. MacMillan for the scans!

This set does not include the Tempo Extended fonts which came later. You can see Bold Extended in this nice article by Josh Korwin.
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