Dad's "Pine Box"

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    Dad, being the unassuming humble jokester he was, always said that when the time came, all he wanted was "a pine box". We laughed and said, "sure, Dad, we won't do anything fancy."

    But when the time did come, the more we thought about it, the more we realized he was right. The traditional casket — adorned with carvings and bevels and gigantic brassy hardware, dark wood all glossed up until it seemed plastic — just wasn't Dad.

    So Deanne, in her creative brilliance, decided to commission something more appropriate. She and Mom contacted a local craftsman and worked with him to create something light and simple, in the style of the modern Scandinavian furniture that Dad loved and that filled our home. There is no visible hardware. The top slides instead of lifting on a hinge. The entire piece is Alder, down to the elegant finger joints and handles.

    The finished product was less expensive than any of the funeral home options and I know he'd love it.

    (Try to ignore the wallpaper and cart with wheels. These belong to the mortuary.)

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    1. litherland 99 months ago | reply

      It's absolutely gorgeous.

      (My dad, who coincidentally also champions Scandinavian design and master craftsmanship and whose name is also Bob, would love this too.)

    2. mesmerical 99 months ago | reply

      This is so totally gorgeous, and such a personal and meaningful way to be buried. Just ... wow.

      And, I'm sorry about your dad.

    3. j l t 99 months ago | reply

      if i was going to be buried, it'd be in something like this.

    4. Christr 99 months ago | reply

      Stephen, I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your father.

      I'm moved by the thought and consideration that has been put into the creation of that casket.

    5. BubbaD 99 months ago | reply

      It is a marvelous piece of design and craftsmanship, a real tribute to an amazing man.

    6. crikkett9 97 months ago | reply

      Very touching way to honor your beloved father. He would be so proud of all of you.

    7. Eden Weaver 96 months ago | reply

      this is really nice. we did a pine box for my grandmother that was much more simple than this. quite literally just a plain pine box that my brother i did some artwork on. the craftsmanship of this one is lovely and elegant.

    8. Stewf 82 months ago | reply

      I neglected to credit the master craftsman: Chris Gochnour.

    9. Steve Masiello 75 months ago | reply

      I want one just like that but hopefully not for a long time. I'd also like the skills to make it myself. A beautiful piece.

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