Justified West - a one day typographic event

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I'll be speaking in Vancouver on April 25 along with Marian Bantjes, Si Daniels, Zara Evens, Shelley Gruendler, Michael Hernan, Richard Kegler, Kevin Larson, Emily Luce, Thomas Phinney, and Geraldine Wade

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  1. Your Pal Dave 74 months ago | reply

    Sweet. Nice poster, too. I like the integrated map.

  2. Gaela 74 months ago | reply

    how exciting!

    i want to see the stewf typography channel,
    where all of your presentations are housed.

    i know you have one.
    where is it.

  3. litherland 74 months ago | reply

    Neat. Do one in New York.

    What are you speaking on?

    When do you ever sleep?

    And, what Gaela said re: Stewf Typography Channel.

  4. Stewf 74 months ago | reply

    Subject is a surprise.

    I do sleep, but I don't eat.

    As far as I know, only one or two things have been recorded. Audio only.

  5. litherland 74 months ago | reply

    Audio only? I don't know how or why I would have ever seen this, but I have a vague memory of seeing a video of you speaking on some type-related subject in Germany. Around Typo Berlin one year. Brief thing; you are in conversation with someone else. The two of you are outside. At the time I remember thinking with surprise that you and I had similar diction, but after seeing the recent mattress video: no, not so much.

  6. Stewf 74 months ago | reply

    Ahh, haha. this one. The interviewer caught me off-guard. It's mildly embarrassing. Look how calm and collected I try to appear, masking my oh-gee-what-will-i-say? trepidation.

  7. litherland 74 months ago | reply

    Wow, yeah, I guess that's it, in fact I know that's it, although I can't imagine in what context I would have seen it since my German sucks and so I would have no reason ever to visit that site. But I am interested in standards and in the broader legal issues, which seem relevant to discussions around embedding and the mess that is web typography, so perhaps that's how I ended up there.

    You pull off calmness pretty well, even though at moments you look as if you might be struggling not to laugh. Visually it's interesting: the interviewer must be quite a bit shorter than you are, and you in turn appear to be quite a bit shorter than Yves.

  8. Stewf 74 months ago | reply

    Inexplicably, the interviewer put the camera on his knee.

  9. Gaela 74 months ago | reply

    or is that his pocket gnome filming?
    joshua always uses his pocket gnome.

    okay, back to your smarty pants type talk.

  10. j l t 74 months ago | reply

    i was just notified that i'm expected to do the keynote

    "the history of diacritics - IN MY PANTS"

  11. Stewf 74 months ago | reply

    You should do the keynote! Tell Shelley. Would be a lot of fun to have you there. We can do one day on Galliano.

  12. ekusupo 73 months ago | reply

    I have just added an info sheet with talk descriptions:
    Justified West Infosheet featuring my new font specially developed for the event: ISOGLYPH

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