• love the hand tinting from the '50s
  • his trunks weren't really this green, but they were green


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My winter months in Stockholm were filled with bitterness and gloom, fueled by self-imposed isolation and 4 hours of sunlight per day. The only cure was a mix CD full of cathartic music.

Here is the cover, sized for Jewelboxing's King Size cases. The art is a page ripped from a book I found at a Stockholm bar called The Library. Just discovered tonight that the dude is a Swedish boxer named Ingemar Johansson who won the World Heavyweight Championship in 1955. Fitting that the guy shares my middle name. He looks like I felt at the time.

Typeface: Refrigerator by Mark Simonson

  1. Mychol 80 months ago | reply

    reminds me of www.thirdstreetgym.com/.

    Ah, those were the days.

  2. litherland 80 months ago | reply

    Your middle name is Ingemar? Cool.

    He kinda looks like I felt during the month of September, which was also all about self-imposed isolation. It felt necessary at the time, but I'm glad I pulled myself out of it. Sometimes music + exercise + a good haircut are all it takes to get oneself back on track.

  3. Stewf 80 months ago | reply

    My middle is Johansson. Got it from my mom's maiden name. That way I'm both my mom's and my dad's. I like it.

  4. litherland 80 months ago | reply

    Ah. My mother's maiden name is also my middle name. I like it, too.

  5. Christr 80 months ago | reply

    I saw that cover at your office, really nice. It's the inside I want though. Class acts, everyone of them.

  6. mrpig 80 months ago | reply

    In Sweden, everyone knows him as "Ingo."

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