• Cathedral of the Madeline. Interior.
  • LDS Temple. Still the most remarkable building in SLC.
  • Ensign Elementary. My school. Ran down the hill as the bell rang every school day for 7 years.
  • Out of frame to the right is the home of my cousins, the Dunford's. Bubba and I always said we'd build a slide from my house to his. Or at least cans and string for communication.
  • Kennecott Copper Mine. Claims the dubious honor of the "World's Largest Hole".
  • LDS Church Office Building. Amusingly phallic from up close.
  • The home of my friends, the Simpsons. We all played countless games of basketball (and an insane variation of Horse called "Timmy") on their driveway hoop.
  • Got my first permanent scar on this playground.

    I was always on the basketball court at recess — even in deep snow. Never a major incident. Then, the one day I play foursquare, I fall and cut my knee.

A View of Salt Lake City from the Upper Avenues

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View of downtown Salt Lake City from the backyard of our home at 679 Terrace Hills Drive. I lived in this house for the first 20 years of my life and miss it dearly. This is 1984 when the cherry trees were still alive.

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  1. j l t 110 months ago | reply

    what a beautiful view! and how nice to be so close to school and your friends.

  2. BubbaD 110 months ago | reply

    I remember our plans for that slide! I always wanted a secret underground water slide. We did build a few sloppy stairs. Does that count?

  3. coriiander 110 months ago | reply

    Great shot and colors. there's something so enigmatic and poignant about this landscape.

  4. Stewf 110 months ago | reply

    I like the color too. The scanner asked me if I wanted to remove the yellow cast and I said hells no.

  5. normanhathaway 110 months ago | reply

    did you just say hells no?

  6. Stewf 110 months ago | reply

    yeah, come over here and stop me

  7. normanhathaway 110 months ago | reply

    damn, i was just curious

    no need for the bruce lee shit

  8. Stewf 110 months ago | reply

    damn, i just wanted to see you

  9. arts enthusiast 103 months ago | reply

    Nice shot! I love walking up there, for the clean air and for the view. There have been so many new houses go in, it's hard to imagine the Terrace Hills drive of 20 years ago.....quite a difference I'm sure.

  10. m.bibelot 80 months ago | reply

    lovely shot! i was born in salt lake city too and seeing this makes me want to visit!

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