Best of Northern Week Ashokan 2015
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Northern Week at Ashokan 2015

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==== About my picture taking ====

I try to capture the joy and essence of the camp. I’m doing it for the campers, but to get images that crackle with life, joy and the power of the camp experience shown here, I have to get close, very close. I ask for campers’ tolerance.


>> If something I’ve done bothers you, please tell me so I can stop it in the future.
>> If you don’t want your picture taken (or dislike a picture I’ve taken and want it removed), please tell me…and remind me if I’m taking shots that include you. Also, and understandably, you may not want pictures taken of your kids, so tell me. Or anything else. Please tell me
>> In order for you to be able to get to the pictures online, download them and to point your friends to those online pictures, the whole world must also be able to
>> Ignore me. Ignore me. I’m part of the dance floor, part of the furniture. I. Am. Not. Here. You are your most alive, most beautiful/handsome, most glowingly alive just being who you truly are. Be yourself, let yourself go. Please don’t pose for or look at the camera.
>> And an odd request: the most difficult thing about taking dance pictures in low light is getting the camera to focus. About 80% of my dance pix are out of focus and discarded, many would have been wonderful. If you wear dance clothes with simple bold patterns, my camera will focus more easily.

Ashokan and Fiddle & Dance

The Fiddle & Dance Camps at Ashokan Center in New York's Catskill Mountains were founded by Jay Ungar in 1980 and are hosted by Jay and his wife Molly Mason today.

Ashokan Center's 374 acres of forests, fields, and streams have served as an environmental education and living history center for elementary students during school year since 1967.

Fiddle & Dance's music and dance camp began in 1982. Shortly after the first Northern Week Jay composed "Ashokan Farewell," inspired by the people, the place and the music. Many have since heard this tune as the musical centerpiece of the Grammy Award winning score for Ken Burns' PBS series "The Civil War"

Visit ashokan dot org for more about Ashokan's Fiddle & Dance Camps.

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These pictures were taken without the express permissions of the people in them, so I ask you to use them with restraint and due respect for their privacy.
Further, I ask that:
= you not use these pictures as part of manipulated art. Take the whole image and credit me with copyright, don't drop it into a piece of your art.
= if you use one of these pictures in a webpage, your Facebook page and the like, that's OK, but be moderate in that use or use a URL pointer. Please credit: Stewart Dean (c) 2016,
= If you wish to tag these images, I must insist that you only use first names (so it is not Internet-searchable) in the interests of privacy.
= Contact me with any questions

One possibility is Sam's Club, where you can get a 16"x20" print for $6, a 20"x30" for $9.
If you want a fine art print (which are upwards of $100), please contact me. Among other things, I can correct the color balance, which can be wildly off....

These images are arranged chronologically, starting with the signin/dance and ending with the leave taking.
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