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Pinewoods is a magical place, a 100-some year-old once Girl Scout Camp near Cape Cod with a multitude of cabins scattered through some hilly woods between two pristine lakes.

Pinewoods Camp now hosts a variety of traditional music and dance weeks.

These are images of the week of English Country Dance, the dance that Jane Austen so loved and which is still danced to the tunes & dances of that time...and more contemporary ones.

English Week is hosted by the Country Dance and Song Society from whom you can find out more on this and other camp weeks, English Country Dance and where it is danced near you!

English Week is a photographer's paradise: a mob of brilliant, imaginative people of character living out one of their dreams, dancing English Country (and Morris and Ritual) Dance at the highest level. The worst thing for a photographer is to have subjects that a) have nothing between their ears and/or b) stiffen up at the sight of a camera and/or c) put on a face for the camera. That's not a problem here: this is people, pure and raw and in the glory of a full, passionate life.

I would suggest that, if you want to make a print, that you download the original full sized images. For instructions, see:

These pictures were taken without the express permissions of the people in them, so I ask you to use them with restraint and due respect for their privacy.
Also, I ask you not to use these pictures in manipulated art or Photoshop it without notifying me and getting my permission. Either take the whole image and credit me with copyright, but don't drop it into a piece of your art. Using one or a few of these images in a webpage or Facebook is OK.
= Please credit: Stewart Dean (c) 2014,
= If you wish to tag these images, I must insist that you only use first names (so it is not Internet-searchable) in the interests of privacy.
= If you are in an image (or if your kids are in one) and wish not to be, please email me and I will remove it.

Notes to the campers
The years 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 are also online:
These images are arranged chronologically, starting on Sunday and ending on Friday. I had to come late and leave early so there's no images of arriving and leaving Saturdays.
The color of light in the night venues was weird from a mix of old incandescent, newer fluorescent and yellow bug lights. I've made a fast past at correcting it, but if you want a better color balance for a specific shot, drop me a line...
When asked if I was the official photographer, I responded the I was the Officious Photographer.
Alas, getting pictures that sparkle and crackle means getting in close. I apologize to any and all I annoyed or disturbed...I hope that the memoir of this wonderful week will outlast that annoyance.
Also, alas again, making picture in low/available light of fast moving/changing subjects is very demanding of the photographer (forget him) and the camera. But the Canon 5D MkIII can just barely pull it off. An amazing camera! The lenses I used were a wonderful F1.2 85mm portrait lense, an F1.4 35mm mild wideangle (these two at night on the dance floor with existing light, no flash) and a 24-105mm F4 zoom (during the day).

You can down load these images, again see:

...and then take them to any drug store or big box chain that does photo printing. Enlargement even as big at 20x24 are relatively inexpensive.

If you want a fine art print, please contact me. Pricing, alas, begins at $100. The colors will be richer and more durable than an inkjet (the so-called giclée) print that you get at a photo printer. Also, I can correct the exposure (many of these images were done under demanding available light conditions and could do to be corrected, but I haven't the time to do them all) and color balance, which can be wildly off....for instance, some of the dance pavilion shots a very orange from the incandescent and buglight, some of the rec hall shots are cold and greenish from the flourescent lightss. All of that can be corrected.

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If you are interested in having your dance events stunningly imaged (he said humbly), please contact me

Best of English Week 2014, Pinewoods

Best of English Week 2014,...

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