NorthEast Squeeze-In ~ 2017
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These are images of the 27th annual North East Squeeze-In, a weekend get-together of people who play squeeze-boxes: concertinas, accordions, melodeons, bandoneons, melodicas and all the instruments that use free-reeds. It's held every year in the fall in the Berkshires mountains of Massachusetts, now at Chimney Corners, a YWCA camp in Becket, MA, a lovely, lovely facility with many amenities.

People come from all over the Northeast U.S. and from as far away as the Cape Verde Islands and Hong Kong. It is gloriously disorganized and free-spirited and is made up differently each year by whomever comes and whatever they wish to do, though there are always pub sings, an Cabaret concert and a contra dance. The music is never the same twice, but leans towards Irish and contra dance with a leavening of Klezmer, Scotch,French. English (such as Morris Dance and English Country Dance), Scandinavian, Tango, etc. There are jam sessions and workshops everywhere...two or three musicians to the big one with twenty or more in a packed room. One person will start a tune and gradually everyone will fall in playing along.
And as the weekend starts, people put themselves down on a last-minute schedule hosting workshops throughout the weekend...on everything from how to harmonize to self-composed Scottish-style marches

The Squeeze-In welcomes all, with a catch...this is not a performance venue: it a gathering of, by and for participating musicians of all levels with all welcome. And there is always a smattering of other musical instruments, which add texture to what can become a wall of free-reed sound.

There's a web site at:

I abhor the use of flash and used a wonderful Canon 5D R camera to take these images. The color of the available light varied widely, I have sporadically corrected the color balance where it was badly out, but most images could use some tweaking.

I would strongly suggest that, if you want to make a print, that you contact me and I will color-correct the image and send it to you.
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. I would suggest that, if you want to make a print, that you download the original full sized images. To do so, see the instructions at:
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These pictures were taken without the express permissions of the people in them, so I ask you to use them with restraint and due respect for their privacy.
Further, I ask that:
= you not use these pictures as part of manipulated art. Take the whole image and credit me with copyright, don't drop it into a piece of your art.
= if you use one of these pictures in a webpage, your Facebook page and the like, that's OK, but be moderate in that use or use a URL pointer. Please credit: Stewart Dean (c) 2017,
= If you wish to tag these images, I must insist that you only use first names (so it is not Internet-searchable) in the interests of privacy.
= Contact me with any questions

One possibility is Sam's Club, where you can get a 16"x20" print for $6, a 20"x30" for $9.
If you want a fine art print (which are upwards of $100), please contact me. Among other things, I can correct the color balance, which can be wildly off...


NESI is a photographer's paradise: a mob of brilliant, imaginative people of character living out one of their dreams, playing, jamming with and learning from their fellow enthusiasts. The worst thing for a photographer is to have subject that a) have nothing between their ears and/or b) stiffen up at the sight of a camera and/or c) put on a face for the camera. That's not a problem here: this is people, pure and raw and in the glory of a full, passionate life.
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