Best Dumplings in the World

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    These are so, so good. A different league than any other. Each has it's own tiny serving of broth on the inside: pick it up with chopsticks and put it on a spoon, bite a tiny hole to let the broth seep out and enjoy.

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    1. joelaz 98 months ago | reply

      Yum. I ate there years ago and still think about it once in a while. Tasty little satchels of goodness.

    2. precipice 98 months ago | reply

      geahhhh. must leave computer and go eat inferior dumplings now.

    3. !efatima 98 months ago | reply

      i digg the results of this camera... ofcourse you pull off some great shots... really cool. Love this shot .... yuumm... am hungry now.

    4. chanuck 98 months ago | reply

      Hey, your instructions sound exactly like the instructions that they provide at the Din Tai Fung here in Los Angeles (Arcadia) - do they provide them at the Taipei restaurant as well? Their dumplings are so yummy.

    5. qbots 98 months ago | reply

      And that is why I have a mild obsession for Xiao Loong Bao. Soupy porky dumpling goodness!

    6. Stewart 98 months ago | reply

      Chanuck - they don't speak much English at the restaurant (and I only get as far as "hao" and 'xie xie") so this was told to me by a companion. Is the one in LA a satellite? That'd be good (and hope for one here!)

      qbots - where do you get them in Vancouver?

    7. qbots 98 months ago | reply

      The Place - way south Granville
      Shanghai River - Richmond
      Both are known for their XLB. There's another place called Chen's (Richmond, I think) that I haven't tried yet.

    8. chanuck 98 months ago | reply

      Stewart - Yes, the one in LA is the only branch in North America (for now, anyway). It's in Arcadia, about 20 miles east of the Yahoo Burbank offices, if you've ever visited there. The paper wrapper for the chopsticks have the instructions that you listed.

      qbots - I'm gonna check out those places the next time I'm in Vancouver. Thanks!

    9. flickrjo 98 months ago | reply

      oh god, envy.

      supposedly they are opening up a ding tai fung in the south bay. we'll see.

    10. Samer M 98 months ago | reply

      Yummy! Great focus, beautiful.

    11. Getalex 98 months ago | reply

      Dumpling haikus for Stu


      Ten steaméd dumplings
      bursting with spring veg'tables
      Quite soon there are nine


      pork dumplings
      in sweet and sour sauce ...

    12. Tom Coates 98 months ago | reply

      They look really nice.

    13. Simple Dolphin 98 months ago | reply

      nice shot!!

      sure, Ding Tai Fong are of the best....:)

      You have no idea how good they were :)

    14. LivingTeam 90 months ago | reply

      Hi, thanks for publishing this photo under an attribution license.

      We just wanted to let you know that we've used it to illustrate a post on More Th>n Living - Ready salted.

      Hope you enjoy the article!


    15. Singapore's Sunny Side Up 52 months ago | reply

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for posting and sharing this amazing photo as a Creative Commons Attribution License image!

      Just wanted you to know that I have used this particular picture (just a few tiny seconds) in a short video I did about Singapore. I wanted to personally thank you, albeit virtually, even though a CC Attribution License does not require of me to contact you. :) I have also included your flickr name & title of the photograph, at the rolling credits at the end of the video. :)

      Here it is - posted on YouTube

      And on my site
      [you might have to scroll down and look for video titled: Singapore • Dozen Do's & Don'ts | Episode 3]

      Again, many thanks!

    16. HANYU.CO 7 months ago | reply

      This is a great photograph, thanks for sharing it with a Creative Commons license.

      In accordance with the license we have incorporated this photo into the website and apps for www.HANYU.CO, a brand new Mandarin Chinese language learning service. Instead of generic stock photos we feature photography – like yours - that highlights China’s scenery, culture, history and food!

      You are of course given attribution for your photos on the website and within the apps. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.


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