This gave a 45 minute "recess" to a few hundred employees

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    Maybe this is why corp IT policy is HP all the way ;)

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    1. hdallas1974 104 months ago | reply

      This does not look like a dell laptop!!!! look like one of HP/Compaq Pressario Laptop. The article may said dell laptop, but picture is compaq laptop.

    2. LeoVillacorte 104 months ago | reply

      It's a crap inspiron model

    3. あnhedonic 104 months ago | reply

      Its not a "crap inspiron" model, its an awesome inspiron 700m.

      This is weird, since i'm on the exact same model and i just got a new battery in today. Much longer than the 20 business days Dell said, but still ~

    4. hanapbuhay 104 months ago | reply

      Picture featured at:

      Dugg here:

      Good job Stewart. Thanks for lifting up my spirits before my meeting at 3pm. =)

    5. kenfagerdotcom 104 months ago | reply

      die Computerbatteriefeuershadenfreude - German noun, feminine gender: The unfortunate joy of the seeing computer batteries on fire.

    6. kenfagerdotcom 104 months ago | reply

      Example: Ich habe viele Computerbatteriefeuershadenfreude, weil ich moderne Technologie haße.

      I take great joy in seeing computer batteries on fire, because I hate technology.

    7. Mooninaut 104 months ago | reply

      Aw man, I was working there up until last Friday! I'm sorry I missed it.

    8. hanapbuhay 104 months ago | reply

      "HP all the way"

      @Stewart: Does Yahoo have a deal with HP? Also, do you know when the Nokia n80 (with Flickr enabled) will be released in the U.S.?

    9. thievingjoker 104 months ago | reply

      That's funny. I saw the picture on Engadget and wondered if you had seen the laptop. It wasn't until I saw your picture here that I went back and saw that Engadget were actually using a link to your picture.

    10. chuckpeddle 104 months ago | reply

      It's a Dell Inspiron 700m - the white powder is where someone covered it with a dry powder fire extinguisher. The battery is an 8 cell Lithium Ion battery and is clipped into the back of the laptop. It is unlikely the attempt at blasting the front of the laptop put out the fire. There are so many cheap after market clone batteries from China, one wonders how many more laptops/iPods are going to catch fire. Oh, Lithium burns extremely hot and fast, thankfully, there isn't much in a laptop battery. It does make you think about putting your laptop on your lap though...

    11. reggaeracer 104 months ago | reply

      Dell is awesome.

    12. Kim Taylor Hull 104 months ago | reply

      Hope they backed up recently ;)

    13. karlox360 104 months ago | reply

      The Battery Recall for all Sony Cells started August 15, 2006. obviously the owner wasn't able to see that on the news... it even got an advertisement on the t.v. the owner sould have called Dell Support for checking if his battery was affected by the recall program. *winks* for more info on checking on the battery recall process check the website thanks.

    14. Daniel Cormier 104 months ago | reply

      This is what happens when you try to download the interweb.

      Seen on the Web. (?)

    15. Jonathan Urrutia 104 months ago | reply

      note to self....don't by a dell.

    16. butterflypeacemovements 104 months ago | reply

      I think somebody sabotaged the laptop, personally,. No respect people! And what did we get from this act of pure cruelty to computers? A 45 minute break?! U BEAUTY!!!!! Next time i want a break, i'll just set something on fire. Im sure that'll go down well at my catholic school. Any suggestions for excuses?

    17. Aphonos [deleted] 104 months ago | reply

      Please consider contributing this photo to the PWN3D group:

    18. Niels displayed 96 months ago | reply

      So much for reliable laptops! hehe.

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