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Once deceived by a lie once believed.

Explored. Gahhh thank you all so much!


This is one of the many shots i took from the flickr gathering with Alex Stoddard and Karrah Kobus!


The gathering was both absolutely stellar and surreal. I got to work with a number of awesome models and photographer (who also doubled as models). Even Terra Kate showed up! It was awesome to work with everyone and I would love to connect with the people later down the road. I'm sure all of us have tons of pictures to edit since we all got turns to create our own shoots haha. I learned a ton and now I have to put it all to work in photoshop, but it was so worth it. I'll have more pictures up later this week.


I also feel like the only way I'm going to truly get better is to push myself for a 365. oh boy.

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Taken on June 29, 2011