Cruise flora and fauna
From 15 October to 15 November 2011 I was on a cruise ship sailing around Australia and New Zealand. This set contains shots of the birds, animals, reptiles and some plants that I photographed. Some, like the albatrosses and other seabirds, I photographed from the boat itself.Others were photographed onshore in places as diverse as Bali Indonesia, tropical Australia, cool Tasmania and the islands of New Zealand.
The birds in this collection range from the striking oceanic albatrosses of the southern ocean near Tasmania and New Zealand, to the gloriously colourful Australian parrots and the rare and extraordinary tropical cassowary.
Animals include the Aussie icon, the Koala, and the rare and aggressive Tasmanian Devil.
I have also included the rare and unique tuatara and threatened small bush birds from New Zealand as my cruise ended by taking a group of fellow naturalists on a photography tour of Zealandia in my home town of Wellington on the last day of my cruise. The boat itself, headed back to Sydney with my friends still aboard.
In all we visited (in order) Sydney, Brisbane, Airlie Beach, Port Douglas and Dawrin (Australia), Bali Indonesia, Port Headland, Geraldton, Freemantle/Perth, Albany, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart (Australia) and Fiordland, Port Otago/Dunedin, Akaroa harbour/Christchurch and Wellington (New Zealand)
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