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It's quiet out there... too quiet.

I’m thinking about getting another puppy.


It’s been over 6 years since I took this photo of Jackson a few days before he passed away. Many of you know how horrible it is to lose your best buddy, and wonder if anything could make it worth going through that heartache again.


Folks who don't have pets get to skip those crushing feelings, but then miss out on so much else.


I think what I miss the most about a dog is the absolutely joyful, goofy celebrations that occur over the smallest of occassions. Just walking anywhere near the leash produced intense stares, fidgety ears and small hopeful yips. Actually picking it up was cause for a leaping, dancing, spinning celebration.


Jackson could tell by what clothes I wore the kind of day it would be. He sat glumly on the bed while I put on a suit and tie, but wiggled, woofed and wagged when I put on blue jeans and a T-shirt. Of course I pretty much acted the same way.


Coming home was the cause for the biggest celebrations of all. I suspect the sound of the garage door opener got the party started, because by the time I walked through the kitchen door Jackson was in full fledged loopy mode. Thoughts of too many deadlines and too much traffic would melt away in the midst of leaps, licks and love. And Jackson didn’t care if I’d been a gentleman or a jerk before I left – my return received the same wild welcome. It also didn’t matter if I’d been gone 10 hours or 10 minutes.


Yeh, I miss that. Maybe its finally time for a new puppy…

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Taken on March 26, 2006