It's quiet out there... too quiet.

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    I’m thinking about getting another puppy.

    It’s been over 6 years since I took this photo of Jackson a few days before he passed away. Many of you know how horrible it is to lose your best buddy, and wonder if anything could make it worth going through that heartache again.

    Folks who don't have pets get to skip those crushing feelings, but then miss out on so much else.

    I think what I miss the most about a dog is the absolutely joyful, goofy celebrations that occur over the smallest of occassions. Just walking anywhere near the leash produced intense stares, fidgety ears and small hopeful yips. Actually picking it up was cause for a leaping, dancing, spinning celebration.

    Jackson could tell by what clothes I wore the kind of day it would be. He sat glumly on the bed while I put on a suit and tie, but wiggled, woofed and wagged when I put on blue jeans and a T-shirt. Of course I pretty much acted the same way.

    Coming home was the cause for the biggest celebrations of all. I suspect the sound of the garage door opener got the party started, because by the time I walked through the kitchen door Jackson was in full fledged loopy mode. Thoughts of too many deadlines and too much traffic would melt away in the midst of leaps, licks and love. And Jackson didn’t care if I’d been a gentleman or a jerk before I left – my return received the same wild welcome. It also didn’t matter if I’d been gone 10 hours or 10 minutes.

    Yeh, I miss that. Maybe its finally time for a new puppy…

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    1. baltoskins 23 months ago | reply

      This is perfect and the accompanying story is really nice. Brilliant work.

    2. gzchris2000 23 months ago | reply

      Very touching, and great shot

      Website /// Flickr

    3. sofiadelmare 23 months ago | reply

      Perfect lighting...

    4. RianThorpe 23 months ago | reply

      such a nice shot

    5. C-Dals 23 months ago | reply

      A beautiful tribute to your companion. I support your decision to get another puppy - can't even imagine what it would be like to come home to an empty house at the end of the day. Best wishes!

    6. lawatha 23 months ago | reply

      Perfect backlighting of your golden boy, wonderful story to go with it. I can relate to each and every word. I know exactly what you mean- and yes, it sounds like perhaps it IS time for a new puppy.

    7. The Pack 22 months ago | reply

      You'll know when. It's amazing how our canine friends open up parts of our hearts. They stretch it into a new shape and teach it new tricks :-)

    8. Steve took it 22 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the many kind comments all!

      "Stretch hearts into a new shape and teach it new tricks" indeed! Pack :>

    9. KaisaQ 22 months ago | reply

      What a beautiful memory, and a emotion provoking photograph. I know how hard it is to lose a furry companion and it does take time to "get over" it, but you sure sound like a person who should always have a dog. I do hope you find one soon to make new memories with. :)

    10. dragonflydreams88 22 months ago | reply

      . . . bitter sweet . . . I think you are ready . . .

    11. nannygam 21 months ago | reply

      So warm and meaningful, and I can relate completely, and that photo is gorgeous! glad you found your new best friend!

    12. beedlebumble 17 months ago | reply

      As a seasoned pro few pictures bring tears to my eyes, but this did. Absolutely superb.
      I keep coming back to view it ....I just don't think the simple beauty of this image could be beaten..

    13. Steve took it 17 months ago | reply

      Hey, thanks for all the kind comments all - I know many of you can relate to how difficult the decision can be on on when and if to get a new pet, as you can never replace your old friend and the loss is such a pain to go through. But thought you'd like to see the new best friend. Meet Keegan!

      pure puppy

    14. anjel63 17 months ago | reply

      lovely shot

    15. Bregg 17 months ago | reply

      Great low key lighting!

    16. Dont´comment the same photo 17 months ago | reply

      Questa immagine è stata vista sul gruppo:

      Vieni a trovarci su YuuK, clicca l'immagine:

    17. Cosmogex 17 months ago | reply

      what a shot! wonderful!!!! i've added it to my favourites!!!!

    18. Ed Llerandi 16 months ago | reply

      Stunning shot, very nice shot, and I know how you feel and my recomendation is go and I get one, they need us and we need them. Good luck and show me a picture of the new guy.

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