Kite Skiing: In-Action Photography*
A beautiful sunny and more importantly windy spring day in Yellowknife, NWT. It was too windy for my little kite, but not too much for the bigger kites. Little kites are more snappy; and tend to be affected by gusts. I can get lifted with the little kite, but there is not enough kite to let me down slooowly....crash

The close-up photos are taken with a GoPro camera mounted on my ski tip, taking a picture every 10 seconds.

In-Action Photography* refers to photography where the photographer is photographing the action while in the action. This differes from Action Photography, which is photography of an action (e.g. sports event) and does not specifically refer to the photographer being part of the action.

Steering is by pulling the downwind handle towards me, which steers the kite up (downwind), or lower to the ground by pulling the up wind handle towards me, which allows me to head more into the wind. My path is a series of wide 'S' turns.
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