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I'll Tell You Everything I Know, Any Little Thing I Know;

Alena's round 2 for SNTM5. I'm also doing another pose, but here's the first one, i finished. We were supposed to be modeling high fashion haute couture pieces from the Maison Renard Collection & Vintage Altaua, in the streets of New York.


Last week, i got bottom two, and barely escaped elimination. I hope i brought myself up this time. I know the shadow is wrong, but whatever, lol. I like her makeover here, it makes her edgier.


UGH Im so friggin sick. My temperature is 103 Farenheight, I threw up 5 times, My head & spine hurt, and i cant move my legs. And omg worst day yesterday!!! On top of being sick, my nephew spilled tea ALL OVER MY LABTOP. and the screen went black and it wouldnt turn on so i was like O SHIT. because i didnt wanna lose anything, so i took it to the repair shop and THANK GOD they fixed it. It cost me $40, lol. O YEA, i have to take 8 pills every three hours, for the next five days. 8 X 3 = 64 pills a day X 5 =

320 pills in 5 days. Dayum, i dont wanna overdose -dies-

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Taken on March 4, 2009