MiddleEast - Jordan and Israel
I took a copious number of pictures on my journey through Jordan and Israel. Most of the trip was a tour by International Christian Journeys, but the unrest in Egypt changed our itinerary and we ended up with 4 days in Jordan before the rest of the tour began. That proved fortuitous as the most photographically interesting places we went were Petra and Wadi Rum. In all I was in Petra for the better part of 3 days. There is so much there that I only scratched the surface. The weather was hostile to night photography so I did little of it, though all in all the weather was pleasant - not too cold, and only a little rain.

Blue Bell tours handled the Jordan portion, and Gordon Tours the Israel section. I'm not one to engage tours, but I can tell you I learned and noticed a lot more things with Gus who brought the group to Petra than I discovered on my own in two prior days. Ditto for David who led the tour in Israel. He's a walking encyclopedia.

You'll probably notice this set is heavy with images from Petra and Wadi Rum... as it should be they were for me the most visually striking places.

For yet more pictures - mostly of people I toured with, see here.
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