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Star Rise

A timelapse from Trona Pinnacles. First a rapid transit, second a star trail built in reverse by those same 380 frames and last a forward star trail using the "Comet" technique from the StarCircleAcademy Stacking Action though the methods are described here and here


The first rising sequence are images SOOTC (Straight out of the camera). The next two sequences of star trails are created using StarStax and the StarCircleAcademy Stacking Action.


If you watch carefully in the middle of the image at 00:06 seconds you'll see a meteor. You may also notice some red on the hill... that is light spill from my headlamp. Finally, if you watch the star Sirius rising, you'll notice it does some funky shimmering due to clouds. It's most noticeable in the last sequence.


This was taken 2 days prior to the Geminid meteor shower peak. The two bright stars at the upper left are Castor and Pollux of the constellation Gemini. Almost dead center is Orion. And down in the bottom of the V the bright star is Sirius.


Despite the credits, at the end, the music is actually "Chester" by Nethis from CCMixter.



© Copyright 2012, Steven Christenson

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Uploaded on December 17, 2012