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Dock Denizen [C_059489]

One thing you find a lot of at Lake Gaston, NC is spider webs. They, however, don't build themselves. I noticed while out trying to capture a sunset that the quarter sized spiders come out a dusk madly repairing their webs.


At the end of the dock, there were perhaps 40 ranging in size from tiny to eerily large. Each 8-legged critter had some area staked out for itself.


I tried focusing with my macro lens, but they were all moving. And since it was already dark it wasn't gonna happen. Instead I used live view, a color changing flashlight and moved the camera closer and farther to focus.


After a while I found one particularly large spider that was stationary... this one. With the least amount of light possible I got the best result.


If you're wondering is it a little off-putting to be standing amid a thicket of webs with 8-legged crawly things... well yeah, it's a bit creepy.


But to try out my macro extension rings I kinda had to get over it.


Also, I think the spiders liked having me around. My light attracted insects which of course they like to trap and eat. I got to watch one smaller one bounce it's web when a small gnat landed in it. It then ran up and pounced, dragging the tiny morsel into the center of the web.


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Taken on July 31, 2012