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StarDrift [C_041894]

If spindrift is what you get from spray blown from a cresting wave, what do you call it when a sea cliff appears to be spraying the Milky Way? This photo was taken near Santa Cruz, California. Santa Cruz makes itself known by its light pollution glow at the left.


The part of the cliff face that is lit is from after the Fire Spinning we did near here.


For some information about fire spinning, see this image.


And yes, I know this is not a particularly compelling image of the Milky Way. But since it was taken in walking distance from a city of 60,000 I thought it would make an interesting addition to my in-progress article on photographing the Milky Way.


One of the fun things about this, however was the guy who had just asked me when and where he could go to see the Milky Way. I pointed and told him "right there". Until we moved away from the light and let our eyes dark adapt you really couldn't make it out at all. But once we fired up the cameras he was oohing and aahing. Wait 'til he finds the dark skies he was seeking.


I'll be posting a photo soon from as BLACK as BLACK can be skies. It will be SOOTC (straight out of the camera). This image is not SOOTC. This image has been noise reduced, color balanced, contrast enhanced, lightened, straightened and cropped using the principles we taught in the last NP 150 Webinar.


© Copyright 2012, Steven Christenson


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Taken on June 15, 2012