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The Mission: Panorama [C_038777-887de_st_sm] | by Steven Christenson
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The Mission: Panorama [C_038777-887de_st_sm]

You are probably wondering why I'm so vain that my name is splattered around in this image. It may be vanity, but I really detest theft of my work. My friend Jim Patterson is going through an ordeal where his Oregon photo was ripped off by a company and used in their online advertising. The only way to discourage such theft - and to add teeth to enforcement - is to make it very clear who the copyright owner is (me).


You will no doubt want to see the image as large as possible (2449 x 664 pixels). Depending on what browser you use, you may have to scroll around.


This image is composed of 111 images . 37 separate scenes taken with a 50mm lens on a Canon 5D Mark II. No special panorama head, just a standard tripod. I describe how I make such things in my BLOG. This, however is my most ambitious to date. It's a 4 row panorama and it took so long to take it in the fading light that I had to execute a careful plan... I'll describe that plan on my BLOG.


How big is the created image? 20,000 x 4100 pixels... and that's the SMALL size. I haven't used my full sized images to build what you see here. The finished size from the large images will be around 75,000 x 9,000 pixels. Almost "life size". Is that the biggest ever panorama? Not by a long shot. But that wasn't my goal.


I found this place in Mission Peak Preserve SO lovely it deserved attention. And I plan to go give it some more attention in the future. I hope to bring "Mr. Panorama, Eric Harness" with me. It's only fair since everything I know about panos I learned from him! By the way, I did make a small mistake in shooting the image and had to clone in a small strip at the left hand side.


Q: Where is this exactly?

A: In Mission Peak Preserve. That's all I'm saying.


© Copyright 2012, Steven Christenson


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Taken on April 26, 2012