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A City and A Mountain. Part A [5_024371-434g] | by Steven Christenson
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A City and A Mountain. Part A [5_024371-434g]

I schlepped my camera up the "Steep" trail on Mission Peak after a trial star trail from a similar location proved quite interesting. This time, however, I had my "beefy battery" solution, and a couple of buddies to cheer me on. As I write this, I'm still quite a few miles away from my camera... I'm hoping it's still there when I go back tonight to pick it up otherwise there will not be a "Part B" :-( Part B will/should include up to 7 hours of star trails!


I do have a "bottom half" for this picture but it I haven't got it stitched well just yet.


A couple of interesting things to note: at the summit you'll see a little spot of white light... those would be hikers. At the very bottom you'll see a trail of white light... that is more hikers ascending the trail after sunset.


I did things a little differently than my normal process. For one, these were all shot in JPG mode rather than RAW (so I can get more images on the card). I didn't do any color touch ups or anything at all to the individual frames. However at the end, I painted an earlier frame of the city lights back in because the long exposures over exposed the city lights.


I didn't create a large format for this image, but if you did see it, you'd notice a few other interesting things including planes landing and taking off at SFO and planes circling over approximately Oakland down in the yellow glow on the horizon.


NOTE: Hooray. The camera was still there so Part B is also a reality. And there is a timelapse animation, too!


Read the StarCircleAcacdemy BLOG for lots of tips on how to do star and star trail shooting.


© Copyright 2010, Steven Christenson

All rights reserved. Curious what "all rights reserved means?" it means that without written permission you may not: copy, transmit, modify, use, print or display this image in any context other than as it appears in Flickr.

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Uploaded on July 16, 2010