Moon Break [5_019849-81]

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I didn't plan this that well. Neglected to consider that the 50% moon would not set until 11:30 PM *and* it was going to set through the view of this star trail. The moon was kind enough to cause shimmer along the ocean and clearly illuminate the Pfeiffer Portal. It also caused flaring and ghosting - and I'm going to blame it for the cold winds and clouds that started to arrive.

This same view with a twilight capture has more vibrant color.

I shot this with a 10-22mm that I don't own. It's my neighbors. He had just scored himself a 5D Mk II and didn't have a wide angle lense (the 10-22 is an EFS lens and doesn't fit the EF-only mount of the 5DII). I was planning to bring both my 16-35 and my 17-40 but I realized I could get an even WIDER shot with the 10-22 so I swapped my 17-40 for the 10-22 for the week. It is rather impressively sharp, too. So Barry: thanks! I hope you enjoy the 17-40, too!

CAVEAT/WARNING I'm nervous about posting this shot because A> this vantage point hasn't been seen in any shot I've seen on flickr and B> if you take the wrong approach to get here you could LOSE YOUR LIFE. Not kidding!

The larger size is a little more impressive.

Another star trail from nearly this same location is also, perhaps, more impressive.

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All Rights Reserved.

NOTE: These photos were taken at an event of the Night Photography group.

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  1. kev lewis 64 months ago | reply

    I like the backlighting of the water from the moon but the moon is certainly 'in your face' :)

    It looks like the whole image needs a touch of clockwise rotation?

    Seen in a discussion of the group "Star Trails" (?)

  2. Steven Christenson 64 months ago | reply

    The colors are a little more pleasing here - I added in a frame from twilight. But I agree, KevLewis the moon is "in your face" and the flare and ghosting is a pain.

    Another hour and a half of exposure would have dropped the moon into the ocean... that would no doubt have been better but clouds were arriving and both my camera and I were running out of energy.

    I had my massive power pack on the other camera which was taking this star trail:

    Flying Leap [5_019888-95]

  3. kev lewis 64 months ago | reply

    just downloaded a copy of Stellarium so I can figure out what I'm looking at and also for planning purposes, for a free programme it is very impressive :)

  4. RadiHoliday 64 months ago | reply

    impressive point of view. i actually LIKE the moon.

  5. Stargazer95050 64 months ago | reply

    if you take the wrong approach to get here you could LOSE YOUR LIFE. Not kidding!

    Good point -- and very true !!

  6. tackyshack 64 months ago | reply

    Incredible work!

  7. gucic 64 months ago | reply

    Shot with the twilight frame is more impressive, personally.
    What did you mean by "A> this vantage point hasn't been seen in any shot I've seen on flickr:?

  8. Steven Christenson 64 months ago | reply

    Gucic: A> means a view of this oft photographed location doesn't seem to include any of this angle/altitude. Probably because it could be dangerous to get up the cliff.

  9. gucic 64 months ago | reply

    Yes, extreme photography! I like that and respect people who are doing it. Lovely photo!

  10. AGrinberg 64 months ago | reply

    Ha! The problem with saying you might loose your life getting here I am am sure will attract a whole bunch of "extreme" photographers!

  11. Derek.Sedillo 64 months ago | reply

    I have shot from this same location, but not in the middle of the night. And yes it is dangerous from the cliffs above. So how did you deal the parking? Since they close the gate and beach at night you must have had to walk in quite a ways.

    Have you considered shooting the Milky Way non-star trailed? This would be a great spot for it.

  12. Steven Christenson 64 months ago | reply

    Derek: I set the camera up before sunset with an intervalometer programmed to start exposures 50 minutes after sunset (after I fired of a few twilight shots). Your shot here is great and you beat me by a month, too!

    Stargazer (aka Andy) is the Milky Way expert and you can see it in the link.

    Yeah, funny how my real concern about people getting hurt by taking an ill advised route has turned into "extreme" photography. I'm NOT an extreme photographer I love my wife and kids and they'd kill me if I fell off a cliff taking pictures ;-)

  13. a02toyota 61 months ago | reply

    Nice shot and post processing.

    This area is indeed very treacherous. Nice combining of photos to get that morning light color as well.

  14. Puffetta 88 57 months ago | reply

    oh my god!!! great!!

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