• This illumination is mostly car headlights
  • Venus and its reflection in the Pacific Ocean and in a tide pool
  • Gaps caused by editing out the airplane trails.
  • Flare
  • Jupiter

Pigeon Point Star Streaks

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32 Minutes of Star Trails (16 two-minute exposures at ISO 400) Edited inexpertly to expunge airplane trails, boat trails and reduce the flare. Only includes the darker images from before the moon rose. The "clouding" in the middle is actually due to the Milky Way which was visible that night!

To see the composite of all the star trails see below...

To see a timelapse of all the images from this sequence Click Here

Stacking of images done with startrails.exe (startrails.de)
Copyright 2008, Steven Christenson
All Rights Reserved

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  1. Steven Christenson 77 months ago | reply

    Here is the composite of ALL of the images in the sequence. Washed out by the moon and showing the darn airplane trail! The longest bright trail is Jupiter. The shorter bright trail that hits the ocean is Venus. Its color warped as it sank in the atmosphere.

  2. G Dan Mitchell 77 months ago | reply

    Steve, one advantage of your shot is that I now know that the darned airplane circled exactly SEVEN times!!! Nice work though.

    I wasn't "feeling the moment" for shooting the lighthouse itself, but I did get one shot of the ocean with a bit of the moonlight just a bit north of the lighthouse that I like.


  3. AGrinberg 77 months ago | reply

    Cool shot - nice job - but I will say I like the pesky plane and boat trails! Looks like stitching. Adds a strange dose of reality to create a really weird scene.

  4. Steven Christenson 77 months ago | reply

    Dan: There are seven bright plane trails, and 3 dimmer plane trails. While the shutter was running, I did see a meteor over the lighthouse. I'm going to look over the images closely to see if I captured it at all. Looking forward to seeing your moonlit ocean vista. I tried a shot painting the foreground boulders with my MagLite (4 D cell) but those things were so dark there was no hope.

    agrinberg: Thanks. It does look like I did a little "stitching" ;-)

  5. Steven Christenson 77 months ago | reply

    The "inexpert" editng process is illustrated below. Basically I just paint black over the offensive area. Here are raw and corrected frames.



  6. cppleung 77 months ago | reply

    very well done!
    it reminds me of star war!

  7. Kusum's 72 months ago | reply

    Nice ! Hope I could take some picture like this at the meetup :)

  8. *BZd* 57 months ago | reply

    Thank you for sharing this hint.

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