New York in the 80s
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"New York in the Eighties: A Photographic History"

I’ve been photographing the streets and subways of New York for the past 30 years. When young people today look at my shots from the 1980’s, they are aghast. To them, New York of the 1980’s is almost unrecognizable. And they are right.

Some older people are nostalgic for “the good old days.” For example, they remember the Times Square of the 80’s… And what they remember is not so much the danger but the grittiness and (for lack of a better word) the authenticity. Yes, there was sleaze, but there were also video arcades, cheap movies, restaurants, and weird places. These same people resent the “Disney-ification” of Times Square and the gentrification of virtually all of Manhattan and many areas of the boroughs, and the loss of cheap housing and local stores everywhere.

Others’ reactions to these same photos could not be more different. If they’re over a certain age, they remember the high crime, the twin crises of AIDS and crack, the racial tension, the lurid tabloid headlines about the latest street crime. They say: It was a nightmare, and thank God it’s over.

Of course, both views are right.


This set contains a sampling of my 1980s-era photos of the World Trade Center. Here is a link to a full set of my WTC photos on Flickr:

I also have made several videos about 1980s-era New York. The videos are posted on Youtube. The following are links to these videos:

"NYC Subway Graffiti from the 1980s"

"Times Square in the 1980s: A Short Documentary"

"Big Apple Story"

"Times Square in the 1990's: A Music Video"

"Lost Coney Island: A Short Documentary"

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