NJ Meadowlands
When most people think of the New Jersey Meadowlands, they think: "ugly"

Yes, parts of the Meadowlands are hideous. But other parts are quite astonishing.

Get off of the Turnpike. Travel the backroads of the Meadowlands. Or take a kayack deep into the back channels of the Hackensack River. You can get lost back there in the dense wilderness of swamp grass.

But you are not in the Everglades. You are five miles from Times Square!

Climb the rocky outcrop known as Snake Hill, which is located in the center of the Meadowlands At the summit, you will view the breathtaking scene of a vast marshland... interlaced by the serpentine Hackensack River... the sweeping viaducts of the Pulaski Skyway and the Turnpike ... crisscrossing rail lines... and, of course, looming over it all: the Emerald City.

This is a view that -- in its own way -- is as breathtaking as the view from El Capitan in Yosemite or Bright Angel Point on the Grand Canyon. Yet this is a view that is not contained in any tourist guide... nor marked on any map... and in which you will be utterly alone. And it is a location in which one might least expect to find such visual splendor. That is what makes it all the more astonishing.

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