Brooklyn Bridge 35

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    1. golli43 69 months ago | reply

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      As seen in

    2. RBudhu 69 months ago | reply

      Amazing! From a 2012 perspective, it is unthinkable of a civilian being able to get this vantage during the day without a mass of SWAT or NYPD. Excellent work on the composition as well; love the tilted horizon that matches the cables. Brilliant work as always Steve.

    3. bytegirl24 69 months ago | reply

      amazing composition.. great light and line

    4. Lucas de Soto 69 months ago | reply

      Ryan Budhu yeah exactly... how did you get up there?!

    5. stevensiegel260 69 months ago | reply

      Ryan Budhu Yes, this type of "adventure" obviously cannot be done in the post-9/11 era. It is a great and intangible loss.

      Lucas de Soto . I climbed a ladder on the tower. The ladder was wide open to the pedestrian walkway.

    6. gcardenas.450412 69 months ago | reply

      BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      Best Regards
      Germán ( México , City )

    7. bridgink 69 months ago | reply

      How can a photo taken Jan 28, 2012 include those twin towers?

    8. stevensiegel260 69 months ago | reply

      Bob The photo was uploaded to Flickr on January 28, 2012... I guess I need to disable that automatic dating function on Flickr.... that dates the photo as of the date of uploading. The photo was taken in the late 1980s.

    9. Barry Yanowitz 69 months ago | reply

      all i can say is ..majestic. the angle of the cables and twin towers is perfection. and another great touch: it almost seems like you just randomly ran into that guy up there ;)

    10. stevensiegel260 69 months ago | reply

      Barry Yanowitz Actually, I did randomly run into that guy up there. He was a construction worker.

    11. Graffiti Junkie 69 months ago | reply

      Dream job that guys got and I bet he was a little suprised to see you up there...

    12. zlandr 68 months ago | reply

      great, just passing by someone on your evening bridgetop stroll

    13. Franthropologist 64 months ago | reply

      What a great capture.

    14. *_C__Smith_* 57 months ago | reply

      Superb. I am getting vertigo looking at this image but I can't stop looking at it, it is fantastic.

    15. gothamruins 54 months ago | reply

      Steven Siegel "Actually, I did randomly run into that guy up there. He was a construction worker"—given the context this is one of the most hilarious statements i've ever read

    16. stevensiegel260 54 months ago | reply

      gothamruins You're right about that!

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