• MP3 Recorder to capture the Skype conversation with expert, colleague, student etc.
  • Logitech USB Desktop Microphone
    can be easily passed around as part of group conversation. Also leaves hands free to carry out tasks while conversation proceeds.
  • USB Camera, valuable to grab a photo however not recommended as takes up valuable bandwidth useful for audio.
  • Speakers for Skype conversation so whole group can hear and take part.
  • Skype chat projected up onto screen with overhead projector. Additional websites and media ie. photos audio video, brought in as part of group conversation. Recommend Agenda and questions prepared beforehand.
  • Participants invited to Skype conference, open microphone enables multiples participants to take part through single Skype login.
  • Teacher / facilitator has headphones and mike, logs on with own Skype account and takes notes in chat of proceedings from open group conversation.
  • Group memebers can jump on keyboard to take part in chat discussion. Bring in associated media etc.

Action learning and Skype - Setting up equipment

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  1. alice.casey 78 months ago | reply


    I would like to use this photo in a report I'm currently writing for the NHS Institute on the use of participative technology, social media etc. to improve health and preventative healthcare techniques.

    I saw that you have published it under Creative Commons how would you like it to be referenced and would you like a copy of the document?

    Best wishes,
    Alice (alice@involve.org.uk)

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