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Day 166: Thelma

First off, I just thought this was a cool looking cat so I needed to get a photograph. She was surrendered by her owners and is up for adoption. In fact, the owners have three cats that they want to adopt out but are doing it one at a time.


I'm just going to say this once people...if you are going to add a dog or cat to your family, be sure to do A LOT of research beforehand about care and expense.


I have seen too many situations where people decide on a whim to get a cute new puppy or kitten and then are flabbergasted by the expense and time required.


Pets are a great addition to your life but be sure you are able to give them the love and care they need to thrive BEFORE you bring one home.



1. iPhone 4s

2. Godawful fluorescent light

3. Hipstamatic and Snapseed apps


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Taken on June 14, 2012