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Day 29: 20 Stops | by m0r4c0
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Day 29: 20 Stops

That's the light difference in this photograph. A dark office, completely unlit except reflected window light, and the bright 65 degree Savannah day outside reflected off white buildings at around 4 Am. 20 stops (levels of lightness) difference. That's crazy. The average printed photograph can display like 5 stops of detail, RAW files from my Canon 7D can capture 11 stops max at ISO 200. So some crazy bracketed exposures went down shot in raw and I STILL blew out the blue sky and lost the detail in the picture frames. Crazyness right? It's for a photography class project due monday. Taken from the top floor of Keys hall (all admin offices) right before my shift, which is every Saturday from 4-6PM EST. I like being a Scad Radio DJ, but there are days I just don't want to do it. Today was one of those days.


So I woke up around 2, ate a bowl of Apple Jacks, went outside and did my design homework with John and Meghan on the sidewalk. Ate a bowl of Frosted miniwheats, maybe two I don't remember, I love cereal. Then It was time to go my radio shift. I shot some pictures around Keys Hall inside and out before my shift, then radio'd it up for two hours. It's always a zen thing to DJ. I like just sitting back and learning about music I've never heard and trying to be witty while reading hard-to-pronounce public service announcements and backnaming all the tracks that have played. Fun times, so I ended up enjoying it even when I didn't want to go and BY GOLLY i have GOT to be more outgoing around this britney girl whose shift is after mine, she's really cute and pretty and she likes dubstep, techno, house, and pretty much anything electronic (marry me?) and is a writing major which is just cool - she's a junior but now that I'm in college and not highschool that's not a terrible difference. Also, I'm a complete dork. Moving on, I the joined meghan at teh CSF building for her Keyper shift which was far more fun than I expected and John and Desirée were there and we all had silly times with Photobooth on the macs there. After John left and Meghans shift was over (8, though we left at 8:45) we went to sonic halfway to tybee island. It was delicioso. I needed french toast sticks. I then got dropped off again and biked back from the CSF building, tieing with Desirée who was driving. (YES!) haha. The rest of the night was spent hanging out in Jausten (John, Austen) and Memilie's (Michelle, Emily) rooms with lots of the friends. An excellent day overall, and one I'm happy I'll never have to forget now that I wrote it all down!


Also, around 9PM I had another bowl of frosted miniwheats. I am a passionate lover of cereal and oatmeal, but mostly cereal. Yay college!

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Taken on January 29, 2011