The Scenic Route
Taking the Scenic Route along former railway lines in Lancashire. Route 1 is from Accrington to Ramsbottom. Route 2 is from Rawtenstall to Spodden Viaduct on the edge of Rochdale.

These are all taken on digital Leicas. There's something very connecting about walking with a Leica. It's part of their heritage - they were built for walking with.

For Route 1 I loaded my camera with imaginary Tri-X. The early spring light was low with elongated shadows still and texture is the predominant theme here. Photography at its essence is drawing with light, so I let the light draw on the surfaces and the route. Having developed my imaginary Tri-X in D76, I then printed a selection on Record Rapid, split toning with Selenium and Jessops blue Ferric Sulphate. Obviously, there is no Tri-X here, or D76. and certainly no Record Rapid (that went decades ago). But the DxO Labs FilmPack plug-in now works with RAW files and does a good job of the Tri-X rendering. The split-toning is still not quite what I used to get (nothing split like the pre-90's Record Rapid), but it's fine for on-screen use on Flickr.

Route 2 was more about colour, so these are just tweaked a little from the RAW files. The colour is as I perceived it would look like when I pressed the button.

This is very much work in progress, so the order, selection and even look of the images will probably change in due course, as new images are added.
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