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Widefield Orion's Sword in HaRGB

The image here is the outcome of an idea that started last week, when I

saw Maurice Toet’s (mftoet) 4 pane Mosaic of Orion’s sword area, and

realised that it matched almost exacty the area I imaged in Hydrogen

Alpha at Kelling Heath a few weeks back. Maurice was kind enough to

provide me with the TIF file of the mosaic, and I set to work in

combining the two sets of data.


Using Registar, PixInsight and CS2, and adding in some Hydrogen Alpha

data as luminance for B33 and NGC2024 from Daz and TJ, the many many

hours of trial and error produced the following image. It was an

absolute joy to work on, and I am not sure it could be improved all that

much without a major rework from scratch. It is one of those images that

require a decently calibrated monitor, as my laptop screen shows it too

light and salmon pink, while my decent screens at home and at work all

show a vibrant Ha red in the background.


I would like to thank Maurice, Darren and Tim for all helping this

project by allowing me to use their data.


I hope you enjoy looking at this image as much as I have enjoyed working

on it!


RGB Mosaic Data

Name: Maurice Toet

OTA: Takahashi FSQ-106ED @ f/5

Imaging: Q453-HR (QHY8)

Mount: Losmandy GM-8

Taken from : Etoile St. Cyrice, Hautes-Alpes, France

Date: January 25 – 26 and 27 – 28, 2009

Web: Astrophotography by Maurice Toet |


Widefield Hydrogen Alpha data

Name: Steve Loughran

OTA: Borg 60 @ f/3.8

Imaging: SXVF M25C

Mount: EQ6

Taken from: Kelling Heath Star Party

Date: September 12th, 2010

Web: Steve’s Astro


RGB M42/M43/NGC1977 data (used as Luminance)

Name: Steve Loughran

OTA: Skywatcher 190 MakNewt @ f/5.3

Imaging: QHY8

Mount: EQ6

Taken from: Cambridge, UK

Date: December 6th, 2008

Web: Steve’s Astro


Horsehead (B33) Hydrogen Alpha data (used as Luminance)

Name: Darren Jehan

OTA: 12″ f/4 newtonian

Imaging: SXVF-H9

Mount: EQ6

Taken from: Kelling Heath Star Party

Date: September 12th, 2010

Web: The Alan Norman Observatory


Flame (NGC2024) Hydrogen Alpha data (used as Luminance)

Name: Tim Jardine

OTA: Celestron C9.25 @ ~f/6

Imaging: SX H9

Mount: EQ6

Taken from: Coventry,UK

Date: December 1st, 2009

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