2013 Financial Follies
In an increasingly digitized, scandalized, and polarized world, there's nothing like rocking the Friday night before Thanksgiving with old friends, colleagues, and business contacts at the Financial Follies.

For 71 years, reporters, editors, PR and industry execs have followed the New York Financial Writers Association's tradition of satirizing the past year's biggest stories, schmoozing about countless other narratives, and networking all night. This year's event drew more than 1,000 revelers to the Broadway Ballroom at the Marriott Marquis, and Vapor Corp.'s after-party in the hotel's duplex penthouse evoked memories of a similarly swinging soiree in the late 1980's sponsored by Phillip Morris. This time, though, there were a few leather-clad hostesses and plenty of smokeless electronic cigars, cigarettes, and hookah sticks to go around.

As for the show, the 2013 Follies targeted: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos; Detroit's bankruptcy; fracking; Senator Ted Cruz; Mayor Michael Bloomberg; and disgraced hedge fund SAC Capital.

Between musical numbers, retired New York Times business writer and former NYFWA president Len Sloane was honored for his 50 years in the cast of the Follies, which included a poignant video of his many performances.

Video components of the show were made possible by Al Jazeera America, CNN, CNNMoney.com, Fox Business News, TheStreet.com, and Thomson Reuters. Particularly memorable: Simon Constable's acerbic riffs on how the economy still sucks and follies flow freely, and Debra Borchardt's cleverly crafted "Breaking Bad News."

Kudos to: Follies director Laura Josepher, musical director Jill Brunelle; book and lyrics chair Bill Egbert (with ample wit from Peter Coy, Josh Friedlander, Peter Phelan, Larry Carrel, and Sheila Mullan); video co-chairs Peter Phelan and Myron Kandel (with Steve Gelsi); and NYFWA executive manager Britt Tunick.
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