Richard Torrenzano on Digital Assassination
I link; therefore I am. With apologies to Descartes, that notion may fuel the relentless expansion of the social networking and Internet universe, but therein lies a profound vulnerability, as Richard Torrenzano describes in his book Digital Assassination, co-authored with former White House speechwriter Mark Davis. On March 19, 2012, Torrenzano drew a capacity crowd to Pete's Tavern for a New York Financial Writers Association book night co-sponsored by Gorkana. In addition to various horror stories, Torrenzano sketched ways to protect one's reputation, brand, or business against online attacks. Here's what Publisher's Weekly said:

The book’s great strengths are its exhaustive research and its discussion of how principles of human behavior, not technology, are the driving factors behind this dark side of the Internet. Its weakness is in the palpable fear and mistrust of the Internet—the constant refrain of outdated phrases like “this new digital world” and the authors final admonition to “in a machine world, be more human.” However, the extent of their research and suggestions for blunting attacks are admirable and make for a compelling read.
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