Financial Follies 2011
With the worst economic malaise since the Great Depression entering its fifth year, 1,000 journalists, PR pros, and corporate executives occupied Broadway for a liquidity-driven stimulus program better known as the Financial Follies. This year's targets: rampant market volatility; crushing debt burdens; the News of the World hacking scandal; the caricaturish 2012 Presidential campaign; Internet IPOs and social networking; the Euro crisis; and the Fed's quantitative easing. Special thanks to producer Rich Wilner; director Laura Josepher; musical director Jill Brunelle; the book and lyrics committee (Josh Friedlander and Imogen Rose-Smith, co chairs; Peter Coy, Mark Fogarty, and Pierre Paulden) ; the video team (Myron Kandel, Peter Phelan, Simon Constable, Steve Gelsi, and Jake Novak); and last but by no means least, New York Financial Writers Association Executive Manager Jane Reilly.
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