No random play for you, old man!

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    ...or you, or you, or you! Slowly but surely, it's becoming no random play for anyone, regardless of age.

    Facebook > Profile > Edit > Relationships

    Update: Valleywag picks up the story 9 months later.

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    1. John Stansbury 91 months ago | reply

      As an old Mac-using man, I can verify the lack of random play. In fact, it was changed from "whatever I can get" to "friendship" without me even knowing. I knew there was a reason I deactivated my account a last month.

    2. Malabooboo 91 months ago | reply

      Wow, it really is all downhill from here...

    3. actual size 91 months ago | reply

      Dude at least it isn't all just "Friendship" after 30. Why Red for "Over 30" and Green for "Under 30"?

    4. Steve Ganz 91 months ago | reply

      Actually, it's all "Networking" after 30 so it looks like they got it right. Never mind then!

    5. Trucknroll 91 months ago | reply

      This is shocking! And I confirm it isn't a browser or mac/pc thing, just looked on my boss' account and no play for him!

    6. Trucknroll 91 months ago | reply

      also agree with dreamyshade that the 'interested in men/women' thing is badly put together. It's as if Facebook is embarrassed to ask about sexual orientation directly, so tries to pose the question in the vaguest manner possible. I read it to be asking me about my sexual orientation, but since it doesn't actually say that, refused to answer - what kind of sexist person is literally only INTERESTED in one sex?

    7. Craig ! 91 months ago | reply

      Logan's run.

      Frankly, I miss "Whatever I can get" ;)

    8. WIZARDISHUNGRY 91 months ago | reply

      haha Logan's run otm..

    9. jessamyn 91 months ago | reply

      missing whatever I can get before I even got it, alas.

    10. limeliberator 91 months ago | reply

      Well, on the other hand, I guess they assume you're pickier after 30 because you're also not offered "whatever I can get".. lol..

    11. phospheratu 90 months ago | reply

      I want Random Play!!!
      I've recently come out of my shell. I want to live a little.
      Please, bring it back.

    12. Edward Vielmetti 90 months ago | reply

      waiting for the site that offers as a choice "a playdate for my kids"

    13. twilightbella 89 months ago | reply

      I'm 23 and they took away my random play :(

    14. allentomdude 89 months ago | reply

      30 is the new 20

    15. Trucknroll 89 months ago | reply

      Just thought I'd let you know - they've recently extended this segregation of the ages to depend on whether you are a college student or not. I'm not sure if the 30+ thing is still relevant as well, or if it is just dependent on whether you're a member of a University or School network now, but I'm under 30 and when you posted this image, I could see the Random Play options, and now I can't.

      See the comments in this blog post

    16. dreamyshade 89 months ago | reply

      I'm a college student and under 30 and the Random Play options disappeared for me a while ago too, so I figure they took them away from everybody.

    17. AutumnSodomy 88 months ago | reply

      Yeah I'm under 30 too and the whatever I can get and random play options are gone......

    18. andrewkosba 86 months ago | reply

      I also am under thirty, and I also no longer have said options. However, I'm pretty sure its because I chose not to display my birth year in my profile. Perhaps that's your predictament

    19. andrewkosba 86 months ago | reply

      nevermind, just changed it to check, and still no change, oh well, it was a thought.

    20. xanthom 83 months ago | reply

      I'm pretty sure "random play" is simply meant to refer to any sort of play that is random, and nothing necessarily related to relationships or "fuck buddies". After all, it is an option under "Looking For", and "Looking For" does not necessarily refer to relationships.

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