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SuperTuxKart track speed profiles | by stevefaeembra
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SuperTuxKart track speed profiles

For many years I've enjoyed playing SuperTuxKart - a free and open source kart racing game.


When I noticed that the 'Ghost Mode' replay files were effectively space-delimited XYZ files, I thought I've had a go at reverse-engineering them and visualising them in QGIS 3.2.


This shows 4 of the built-in tracks (each is a slightly different scale for layout purposes.) Brighter colours represent faster speeds. I used symbol levels to show the fastest possible speeds for each point in the track.


The game physics mean that 'drifting' and 'slipstreaming' give a considerable speed boost, so you tend to lose speed on the straights and build them up over a series of curves.


There are also 'nitro' pickups and 'zips' to run over which can account for sudden speedups. In a few cases I fell off the track or bounced backwards off obstacles :D


There's lots of other things that could be visualised (height, in air/on ground, drifting status) so I might have a shot with qgis2threejs :-)

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Uploaded on September 14, 2018