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Difussion Screen 05  365/136 Wine Glass Bottle03  365/126 Bottle02 Bottle01  365/125 IMG_2968edit IMG_2929edit IMG_2889edit Witches Brew  365/139 Witches Brew Setup Chilled 01  365/140 Chilled 02 Caged Fire 365/148 Caged Fire 02 Another Bottle Clear Bottle  365/151 Chilled 03  365/152 Not Enought To Drink  365/159 Green Glass and Light  365/162   Green Glass and Light  365/163

Time to get over my fears and have a go at glass and yes, it was as difficult as I feared. Plenty of room for improvement :-)

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lnxnubie says:

Hi Steve, I tried your technique of Pringled lights :).
Worked like a charm. Thanks for sharing. I have dedicated a post to you, please check :
Posted 77 months ago. ( permalink )

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steveblackdog says:

Thanks very much for the mention and dedication, I really appreciate it.
I'm very pleased also that you found the techniques useful and they helped you get more enjoyment from your photography.
Posted 77 months ago. ( permalink )

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