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    Next step is to fit the Pringles tube. Just cut off the base, which is simple to do with a reasonably sharp craft knife.
    Just be careful, it is possible for the knife to slip off as you cut around the tube.
    Once done, just clip the tube onto the cap and it's ready to use.

    Full set :

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    1. ILF64 25 months ago | reply

      Hi, Steve!
      I made my snoot from Pringles can, exactly as was shown, with only difference:
      I used spiral(helical) shape of CFL bulb, not triple-twin as Steve did and I have the problem: There is dark dot in the center of light spot. What is wrong?
      Does the bulb shape matter? Any idea?
      Thank you in advance

    2. steveblackdog 25 months ago | reply

      Strange, I have never had that with either type of CFL. Here is the pattern I get with them :-
      Comparing CFL's  365/284
      This was done with a sheet of white printer paper rolled up and slipped into the tube which gives a softer light, maybe try that ?

    3. ILF64 25 months ago | reply

      Thank you very much, I'll try with paper. Did you try ever Pringles can as is, with it's
      original silver coating ?

    4. steveblackdog 25 months ago | reply

      Yes, I do sometimes use them with just the silver, but with a snoot, I prefer them lined with paper. white paper for a soft light, black paper for a tight spotlight.
      Hope you get it working for you.

    5. ILF64 25 months ago | reply

      Thank you !

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