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Pringles Striplight Construction  365/197 | by steveblackdog
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Pringles Striplight Construction 365/197

Something a little different today, a quick howto make a small striplight attachment for a flash.

The only materials needed are a Pringles tube and a sheet of white paper. Tools are pretty minimal too, a sharp craft knife being the most important, plus a marker pen and a needle/pin will also be helpful.

I hope the pics do most of the explaining for me, but a few notes to help out, linked to the individual images.


1. Not really needed, but I find it easier to mark out the opening first. Start with a centreline running the length of the tube. I then use a strip of paper wrapped around the tube to mark the horizontal cut lines and measure where the vertical cuts will go.

The opening here is 5inches/125mm around the tube, by 6inches/150mm top to bottom.


2. Note how the opening is offset toward the bottom of the container, the bottom edge is just 1/2"/12mm from the base. The reason for not going right to the bottom, is to hold the paper difusser later.

To cut out the opening, I like to push a needle or pin through where each of the 4 corners will be. Then I just cut between the corners. It is easier to cut around the tube first, then the verticals along the tube after. It doesnt tend to compress so much working that way.


3. Easiest step of all now :) Take a sheet of white paper out of your printer, cut the length so it is about 1/2"inch/12mm shorter than the tube, roll it up and slide inside. Once inside the tube it will automatically try to open, pressing itself up against the inside of the tube.


4. Job done, all thats needed now is to insert the flash and away you go.

I dont want to go into too much depth about fitting the flash as there are so many it would be impossible to cover them all.

For those with small heads like the Yonguo shown, Nikon SB's and some Vivitars, you might find the fitment shown in the first comment below useful.

For those flashes that have larger zoom heads, you will probably find they are a tight fit in the tube itself, I know my old Canon will only just fit inside.


Well thats about all there is to it, hopefully it will be use to some.

I have included a few test shots taken with one of these in the second comment below to give some idea of the effect it gives.

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Taken on December 2, 2010