Autumn Red Setup

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    Trying out backlighting an autumn leaf and using my DIY difussion screen as a base. More details on the construction here :
    As will be seen in the pic, another cardboard box is used as a base come reflector box. Luckily the insides of both these boxes is white, so they bounce the light around inside really well. In addition I placed another sheet of white card inside and at a slight angle, raising up as it got further from the flash. Wether this made much difference, I'm not sure.
    The top panel is a see through plastic document wallet with a sheet of tracing paper inside it to give a nice even white surface.
    This would not be suitable for heavier objects though. A sheet of glass or plexiglass/perspex would be a better idea for anything with much weight.

    Light is supplied by a single fixed output Neewer SF-01 mini slave flash, which is activated by a Blazzeo SLT-4 radio trigger mounted on a mini tripod.
    It was touch and go on height, I probably should have switched to a flatter flash stand. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, if you can convert it to foresight :)

    Version.02 of this lightbox can be seen here :

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    1. steveblackdog 43 months ago | reply

      I'm sure you will find it useful. Takes minutes to make once you have the materials and cheap is always good ;-)

    2. tby_v [deleted] 43 months ago | reply



      Theses are a couple I did with a similar set up a while ago.....

    3. steveblackdog 43 months ago | reply

      Yes, I think it will be a useful piece of kit to have around.

    4. Mr Deak [deleted] 43 months ago | reply

      You should seriously show this to "someone else". Photographic books have sold on less content then the tutorials/projects you've posted so far.
      You will, however, have to find a new coffee-table and I shall want my name in the credits 8-)

    5. steveblackdog 43 months ago | reply

      And whats wrong with my coffee table :)
      I made it nearly 30 years ago, so it is showing it's age a bit, I guess.
      The old advertising sign behind is probably more in need of replacing, though it might look better if I gave it a proper clean.
      Does anybody still read books ? I know I dont anymore, I'm halfway through the lighting bible, Light, Science and Magic, but not picked it up in nearly six months. Guess I should, I might learn some new tricks :)

    6. Bob b... 43 months ago | reply

      Great idea with great results

    7. Ryan, The Photohack Formerly Known As... 42 months ago | reply

      Has anyone ever tried this using a constant light source, say a Compact Florescent bulb? I have done work with a light box for macro, but I did not do any back-lighting with a CFL.

    8. steveblackdog 42 months ago | reply

      Using CFL's will work, though the light levels are a lot lower, so a tripod is pretty much essential, due to needing longer exposures. Here's one example using a pair of 20W CFL's behind the screen.
      Green Bottle Setup

    9. Roman Skrada 41 months ago | reply

      I've never heard of these Neewer flashes until I came across your stream. It look good for the price. I just ordered two of them.

    10. steveblackdog 41 months ago | reply

      They are very basic, but the small compact size I find useful around a tabletop setting.
      Hard to beat for the price too :)

    11. Roman Skrada 41 months ago | reply

      I just got two of those little suckers yesterday. I love them and to my surprise they are powerful enough to shoot through umbrella for portraits. But one of them died after only a few shots... I'll fix it this weekend.

    12. steveblackdog 41 months ago | reply

      Sorry to hear you had one die, hopefully you will be able to fix it. They are so cheap, it really isn't worth returning them.
      Glad you like them though, I think they are fantastic for the price.
      Must get an umbrella to try them with :)

    13. steveblackdog 39 months ago | reply

      My pleasure, glad you like it.

    14. OLLY774 36 months ago | reply

      Have done a similar shot to you. Saw in a photo magazine make a box with tracing paper
      on the top, and light transclucent subjects from underneath with a small flash gun.
      I found a white kitchen chopping board to be better at handling the flare!!! My flashgun lays
      flat on its back in the box at the bottom. I did well with slide film doing this technique, but find digital realy difficult. All of your pictures are fantastic how you light them!

    15. steveblackdog 36 months ago | reply

      Thanks very much.
      I had flare problems too, when the flash was inside the box. For that you do need something a bit more opaque than tracing paper.
      I'm surprised you find slide film easier than digital, I guess it depends on which you know better.

    16. OLLY774 36 months ago | reply

      I think it was because i found slide film to handle the shadows and Highlights alot better.
      I took my time more taking the picture, and found black backgrounds were pure black
      with no noise! I rush with digital and am taking rubbish shots now and then.
      But you have given me some inspiration to slow down and do it right! like the shots you
      take. There Fantastic work on Flikr!

    17. steveblackdog 36 months ago | reply

      Confession time, most of the black or white backgrounds get a final tweak in photoshop, by adjusting the levels. Getting them pure in camera is not very common and the final touches in post processing, is not too disimilar to film in a darkroom. This I hope shows what a difference it makes:
      Mad Professor Take2  365/157
      Had a quick browse of your photostream and there are some nice results there, stick with it.
      You have me thinking about getting some fantasy figures now though :) Many years ago I used to be into science fantasy in a big way.

    18. OLLY774 36 months ago | reply

      Yes please do, you will come up with all sorts of great ideas!!! cant wait to see them!

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