Difussion Screen 03

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    Part 3 of 4
    Here we have the completed screen with a flash illuminating it from behind.
    The paper in use here is a single sheet of tracing paper and the flash is located approx 8 inches/200mm behind, not quite far enough to give the full spread of light to the very bottom of the panel, guess who didnt notice until after packing up and uploading to my computer :) the same with the hotspot from the overhead light on the backdrop.
    We all make mistakes ;-)

    Finally, a closer view of the finished article : www.flickr.com/photos/steveblackdog/5026938723/

    or the full story here : www.flickr.com/groups/creative_tabletop_photography/discu...

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    1. Adam Phillipson [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

      Ahh quality idea.

    2. Paul's Pixels 55 months ago | reply

      Steve, it looks as if you are losing a lot of light behind. Maybe a reflection from the plastic folder? I wonder if this wouldn't be better if you used a box (maybe with a removable front) and line the box with foil, so you've got a sort of softbox with the flash inside. I know that this is more convenient, but you do seem to be losing a lot of light here and the Neewer doesn't have a lot to begin with! :-)

      Sorry, not meant as a criticism, just an observation.

    3. steveblackdog 55 months ago | reply

      & Thank you both.

    4. steveblackdog 55 months ago | reply

      You are right Paul, they do lose some reflacted light out of the back, but I have not yet found this to be a problem. In fact, working in close, I often find I need 2 sheets of paper inserted in the front to reduce the amount of light coming through, even with the little Neewer flashes :)

      One of the adantages of these over a softbox, is the amount of space they take up on a table and the ease with which they can be positioned, not always so easy with a bigger softbox.
      Give it a try, I think you will see what I mean ;-)

    5. Redart Design & Photography 47 months ago | reply

      One question Steve how does the box not fall over I can't see behind if there is any weight inside, or if taped down?

    6. steveblackdog 47 months ago | reply

      Good question. When they were new, I found they stood up ok without any help, but as they have got older, they are not quite so stable.
      If needed, I place a lead fishing weight, or similar on the base and that stops them from falling over. I have not fixed anything permanent to them, as sometimes they get used on their sides, or even as a light table, so a fixed weight is not really a good option.
      Hope that helps.

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