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Softbox Test setup

Todays bit of madness, attempted to make a mini softbox from a couple of bits of card and tracing paper.

Just a quick test to see if it works and to see where improvements are needed before doing it properly.

The light is difussed through two layers of tracing paper, the first just over halfway between the flash and the front piece, as can be seen from the light showing through the sides. Next step is to use something a little more opaque to hopefully diffuse the light further, without losing too much light.


Will probably try another lined with aluminium tape to see if that makes any improvement, though I'm worried the extra reflection might give a harder light. We shall see :)


Flash is a Yongnuo YN460 set at 1/8th and I'm feeling a bit stupid that I didnt think to use the wide angle difusser over the lense, what a dummy :)

This shot is over exposed by about a stop to show more detail.


Test shot here


The design and template for the softbox, is based on one found here

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Taken on May 16, 2010