• One computer runs these 10 24" monitors
  • Another computer runs these six

East Wall of office

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I have finally gotten around to posting pictures of this office.

Originally there was to be 60 monitors, a mix of 19s and 24s however it changed a bit and there is now 40 24" monitors and another 20 monitors offsite for development.

There are six computers running all the monitors, each computer has a core i7 975, 24 gb of DDR 3 memory, two SLC SSDs in raid 0 and a large amount of nvidia NVS 420s as well as Nvidia 9800 GTs.

This office is used for intraday trading and development.

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  1. steve_price82 61 months ago | reply

    There is on the desktop, Dragon naturally speaking pro, it is also on the dell XT 2 tablet and w700ds. I have thought this through.

  2. Zgradis 61 months ago | reply

    Thats my goal for my a day trading setup! Wow! Very impressive, super clean. What do you use the servers for?

  3. VQuamina 61 months ago | reply

    Can I move in with you? I cook, clean, do laundry, etc. I just want to admire your office until I build my own for my computer company.

  4. Son of Kong 61 months ago | reply

    (breaking into song) *Did you ever know that your'e my heeero-oh-oh...You're everything I wish I could be...*

  5. dukeb03 61 months ago | reply

    I have been looking for hangers for my monitors. Would you mind sharing the name of the hangers you used and where you purchased.

  6. steve_price82 61 months ago | reply

    they were some cheap ones that I got off newegg, I hate them so much.

    If you can give ergotron a try first they have great stuff.

  7. grvjnnfr 61 months ago | reply

    and all I can say is ... I'm in love <3<3<3

  8. Valentyn Chub 61 months ago | reply

    nice :)
    servers are located in the same room?
    they dont make noise?

  9. steve_price82 61 months ago | reply

    All the computers (besides laptops) are in a room behind the office, its in the other pics.

  10. lemon shrapnel 61 months ago | reply

    Do the infographics push the GPU, or are the 9800s for gaming? =) There should still be headroom for a buncha USB DisplayLink adapters chained onto those rigs, though I'm not sure where you'd put more displays. Maybe start tiling them into the floor. Heh.

  11. steve_price82 61 months ago | reply

    The 9800s are not for gaming the are just very good single slot cards.
    Usb video adapters can lag like hell when the usb bus is under load and the drivers suck hard.

  12. simon.carr 60 months ago | reply

    W O W. I came back to see how it's going, and it seems to be going well. Looks very nice up and running.

    Also Kensington Expert Mouse(s) for the win.

  13. theopticnerve 59 months ago | reply

    I coulda used a few more displays.

  14. xnt14 54 months ago | reply

    I'm speechless. '_'

  15. lungstruck 52 months ago | reply

    It's so beautiful.

  16. Rogue-Trader 32 months ago | reply

    Are you taking any special cooling measures in that side room for the 'puters? If not, how big is the room approx? Looks like ur running Ninja Trader to me... Are there some monitors mounted blow the desk surface, angled upward and viewed through clear plastic surfaces mounted into your desktop...your actual desk I mean? Do you have a TV set up anywhere? Or just use monitor? Or, have you evolved beyond CNBC like the other multi-celled creatures on this planet? Every morning I throw something at my TV, enraged by some inane comment by CNBC host (take your pick)... one of these days there aren't going to be any crumpled up balls of paper within reach and my beloved Logitech Performance Mouse MX is going to go through Joe Kernan's quaff!

  17. Rogue-Trader 32 months ago | reply

    You are correct with respect to USB DisplayLink hardware. I love being a trader for the freedom... thus I bought something I could take with me on tour through Europe and other places. If you plan ahead to stay in hotels with hardwired internet connections every few nights, you can make it a profitable holiday. Anyway, I chose an Alienware M18x "laptop" w/ latest Intel i7-2960XM proc., SSD drives, 16 GB RAM, top-of-line onboard graphics proc., and 2, yes two, nVidia GeForce GTX 580M GPU's. I'm not boasting, just qualifying my statement that on my setup USB DisplayLink hardware drags like hell. It doesn't take much for that choppiness to cost a trader $1000's in a day. I speak as someone who tried this and found it un-useable for traders. BTW, if you put that thing on your lap you're risking a crush injury.

  18. Rogue-Trader 32 months ago | reply

    K, sorry, almost done..... if you're still getting these comments, would you be willing to answer a few questions by email from a fellow trader who wants to create a man-cave of his own? Just tech. stuff with respect to design decisions and maybe some hints on what worked well and what you might've liked to have done differently? crude0futures--at--gmail.com


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