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Success!!! | by Steve Byland
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All four baby Bluebirds fledged today and were successfully gathered up by the parents. Two left before noon, and the other two left almost together about 4 hours later.


I did my part by providing food and water as well as helping the parents drive off unwanted visitors. They were extremely aggitated by the Blue Jays and didn't want them anywhere near their young, but the Jays seemed more interested in food and didn't leave.


My role was to climb out of my cave and shoo the Jays off so that the parents could settle down.


The above photo is a pretty heavy crop with 700mm - I didn't want to spook the babies, but I did want a few pictures. They will grow to love me soon, just like the previous brood.


The parents were already going in and out of a new nest box that is near the old one. It is possible that they might try a third brood, but it is getting pretty late in the season. It certainly would be cool if they did.


I didn't really venture into the box much at all this brood, just a quick peek once in a while to make sure everything was OK, so I have no idea what sex these are. The two that survived the first brood both appear to be males.


I sent a bunch of sample photos of my Bluebirds to a bunch of bird feeder distributors. No one seemed very interested at first, but one has asked me to do photos for their brochures, website and products - Yippee - I'm going to get paid.

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Taken on July 16, 2011