Getting Towed in LA by Viertel's Towing

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Viertel's Towing in Action in Downtown Los Angeles. This person parked their car where the signs say "temporary tow-away". There is probably a movie or commercial shooting on the street. The tow guy has to jimmy the door to put the car in neutral I guess. So they will break into your car, and they will tow your ass. You'll have a nice fat bill to pay to get your car back. There is an interesting article in the LA Times about being towed and how shady it is:

  1. LucaDC_ 29 months ago | reply

    That sucks!
    Oh btw the nissan is a 350Z ;)

  2. STERLINGDAVISPHOTO 29 months ago | reply

    Oops. 300Z is the real old one? Btw, where is the cat profile pic from? I love that!

  3. LucaDC_ 29 months ago | reply

    Yeah the 300ZX is another model, then there's the 350Z and the 370Z :P
    The cat was mine, you can find the pic here

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