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    1. ʎddɐus 39 months ago | reply

      cool broo :-]

    2. LOONTONNE 39 months ago | reply

      merci brough

    3. LOONTONNE 38 months ago | reply

      The Fleur D’ac deck contains 49 cards.
      There are seven cards of seven colours -
      red. orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple.
      There are seven cards of the first seven natural numbers.
      Each number is given a shape relative to the other number-shapes.
      The shapes are spatially compatible with 6-around-1 sums of 7.
      Notice how edges of the cards correspond to the number-shapes.
      These configurations are considered both spatial and numerical.
      This arrangement was approximated from the common 52 card deck.
      1+6, 2+5, 3+4 and 1+2+4 are the 6 around 1 sums of 7.
      consider: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7=28, 7x4=28, 28x7=196,
      regard the amount of possible 7s per deck and per 7 cards.
      Fleur D'ac can play games not unlike dominoes or black-jack.
      Pay attention to the qualities of hexagons and 7ness when playing.
      6 can be considered as structural and functional.
      7 can be considered as etherial and complete.
      "All is uneven and left at 6 and 7" - Shakespeare

      There's no instructions for the games or uses of FLEUR D'AC.
      I do not like instructing or writing and will avoid doing either or both.
      I am pleased when creativity and openness in the participant is used.
      Share any games or interpretations freely.
      Download and print a pdf off the internet for free if you please.
      Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or discussion.


      FLEUR D’AC

      (in MARCH) decks at:

      Le Cheval Blanc
      ‪809 Ontario
      Rue E, Montréal, ‬‪QC

      Café Pi
      ‪4127 Boulevard Saint-Laurent,
      Montréal, ‬‪QC

      Bar Bily Kun
      ‪354 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est,
      Montréal, ‬‪QC

      The Garnet
      231 Hunter W,
      Peterborough, ON

      The Embassy Bar
      223 Augusta Ave,
      Kensington Market,
      Toronto, ON‬‬‬

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