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A Walk On The Bokeh Side - Just to Brighten up a Thingamijiggy Thursday (No. 10)

Now I read somewhere recently, that the word Bokeh, is a Japanese word which also means a few other things besides blur. One of those meanings is "mental haze" or" slight dementia"...


So, should any of you be showing minor signs of even 1 of the following 10 behavioural traits, in attempting to get "the shot", you may well have cause for concern.


1) Do you behave in a distracted manner while others are talking to you, as you gaze around gauging the potential for a shot in your surroundings?

2) Do you wander about aimlessly with your camera/s firmly attached to some part of your body hoping to see something that is photo-worthy?

3) Or do you find yourself at times feeling desperate with a wild look to you when you don't, and inevitably go home feeling frustrated?

4) Have you found yourself recently hiding in bushes/alleyways/dustbins/ behind trees etc?

5) Are you comfortable lying on the ground in busy streets/malls/train-stations/ office foyers etc., with your camera?

6) Can you hear people closing their doors as you walk down the street – some even calling their children into the house?

7) Has your company locked the door to the roof of your office building?

8) If you see another photographer taking a pic, do you involuntarily reach for your own camera/s in-case you see what he/she does?

9) Are you unable to walk past a camera shop without stopping or do you even sometimes have to go back for a second look?

10) How many fingers am I holding up now? No. Put your camera away....immediately! Sorry, that was a trick question! (Did you get the pic?????)


The photographic bug, when it bites, it's for real!


As Rich (Coollessons 2004) wrote the other day, “Have Camera. Will Click” I would only add, “No Cure” :-D


I guess that kind of sums it all up quite nicely, don't you? ;-))))


HTT!! Have a great day!

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Taken on October 14, 2011