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September 6th 2008 - Meanwhile, Back on the Farm...

If you're the type that likes it large and on black, then be my guest.


Today was a mixed bag of emotions.


Got up early and took Clarissa to her Montgomery Youth Orchestra auditions at Huntington College. She was so confident and excited when she got there, but that soon turned to self conciousness and doubt. Hopefully she did well enough, but I guess we'll see.


Later on we headed off to eat and then to the Halloween store "Spirit" while we waited for Baxter (my dog) to get his hair cut. While at the store I began to laugh until I (quite literally) cried. There was a child not even two years old who picked up a "zombie" baby decoration and began to carry it around. The mother kept telling her that she couldn't have it and that it was "sick". But the child kept going right back to it and picking it up... determined that she was taking it home. I guess you'd have to be there, but I had to leave the store cause I couldn't control myself... it was hilarious to me for some reason.


Later on this evening I got sent out to get some tortillas for some quesadillas that Tam was making and apparently my cat stepped out in front of the car while I was pulling out. He made a terrible screeching sound and as soon as I heard him I put it back into drive and pulled forward. By the time I had jumped out of the car he had run off. We searched for about an hour without finding him. I have no idea if he's okay, but I imagine that if he ran far enough for us not to find him, he can't be hurt that bad... I hope.


After coming back from the store, I felt horrible and decided to stay outside to watch for him. I saw movement from a house in the cul-de-sac and began to slowly move in that direction. What I saw was a little surprising.


After standing still for a few minutes I realized that what I was looking at were 2 rabbits. One was Black and White and the other one was a light brown color. They were beautiful and very charming. I inched ever closer and after a while had gained their trust to the point that they would touch my hand or let me touch them. Once I felt that they could trust me I called the girls to bring some veggies and they all came out (Clarissa had friends over... so it was 5 of us) and fed and pet the rabbits. It was pretty surreal to have wild rabbits in the sub-division just eating out of our hands.


It's funny how little things like that can turn the day around.


I hope my cat's okay. Tam is really close to him and I just feel sick knowing that I might have hurt him.


So this photo... well, I found my Superman shirt in the closet today... how could I not do another shot with it? ;-)


Strobist info: Canon 430ex through an umbrella at camera left and an SP studios strobe behind subject at camera left through a full CTO gel to simulate sunlight. The background photo was composited in.

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Taken on September 7, 2008